How to Get Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin

How do I get a cryptocurrency account?

A cryptocurrency account is known as a digital wallet” and there are many cryptocurrency exchange companies to choose from. MKS uses the most common exchange, Coinbase, which we highly recommend.

If you already have an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, you probably already know how to exchange your local currency, and how to make payments with your digital wallet.  If you are new to cryptocurrency, the instructions provided here will help you with your first transaction using Coinbase.

It boils down to 3 steps:

  • Get your wallet
  • Fund your wallet
  • Shop with your wallet.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?



1. Step-by-Step guide to get your secure digital wallet

*Optional – AFTER YOU GET YOUR DIGITAL WALLET, GET THE APP:  Making paments with your smartphone is very easy, simply  use the camera to capture the “QR” code that is displayed on screen at checkout.  If you’re on android, you can’t go wrong by downloading and installing the FREE bitcoin wallet from Coinbase. After you install the app, you can log in using your Coinbase account information, and use the “send money” option to pay for online purchases by taking a picture of the QR code you’ll see on screen!

Appstore    Playstore

2. Fund Your Wallet


3. Shop online with your cryptocurrency

It takes a lot more to describe the process than to actually DO the process.  Once you realize that a payment is just an “address” – that crazy, always-unique string of numbers and letters that each transaction gets – it’s just a matter of knowing how to use your wallet to make your purchase.

If at any time you need assistance placing your order using bitcoin, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance and we’ll do our best to help!

Also, note that we’ve only covered one side of using bitcoin – sending money.  Take some time to learn how to RECEIVE money from others with your wallet too!

Welcome to the future of financial transactions on the Internet.

* The links to CoinBase on this page allow you to participate in the $10 referral program with one of our owners. Let’s make some bitcoin together!  Simply make $100 in bitcoin purchases with your new Coinbase account within 180 days.


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