Proposed Kratom and Kava Ban in Seminole FL Struck Down

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, the proposed ban on Kava and Kratom was struck down, largely in part from the significant outcry from Pinellas County residents. The Leaders in Seminole, FL decided to take the idea off the table after a substantial turnout supporting kava and kratom at the March 27th council meeting.  Due to this decision, the April 10th public hearing on this matter has been canceled.

Pinellas County resident Crystal Clyburn claims Kratom saved her life. “If I’m being honest, I’ve multiple times ended up in the hospital because I overdosed on pills. I either got them through a doctor or on the street, and a few times I scared my family and friends by ending up in the hospital,” She continued “It saved my life, it definitely did.” Clyburn claims kratom is the catalyst that got her off a dangerous pain pill addiction, citing: “The biggest part of my sobriety is because I found Kratom. I don’t crave anymore the actual pills. I don’t want to get high,” Clyburn added.

The FDA still adamantly claim that Kratom is linked to 44 deaths, regardless of the unsupported evidence to prove these claims. However, enormous support in the kratom community will attest to the fact that a multitude of lives have been saved by getting people off dangerous prescription opioids.

Even with the overwhelming evidence and testimonies deeming kratom not only safe, but exceptionally beneficial to quality of life issues due to pain, addiction, depression, anxiety, Seminole leaders still cling to their belief that this herbal botanical is dangerous.

Whilst the public hearing is cancelled, Seminole leaders will still convene on April 10, 2018 to make a final decision on the matter.


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