Let New York Officials Know You Oppose A231 – Keep Kratom Legal

Pending kratom legislation has moved along the New York State bureaucratic line within the past month (January 3, 2018).  Assembly Bill 231 (A231) was introduced a year ago -January 5, 2017-  by Assembly woman Aileen Gunther. This bill proposes an outright ban on any form of kratom or derivatives of mitragyna speciosa in New York State. The bill was sent to the Economic Development Committee on January 3, 2018, and is currently under review.

Kratom does not kill people. Kratom is not an opioid. Kratom does not have the same effects as an opioid, and kratom is not an analogue of an opioid. The recent smear campaign by the FDA uses cherry-picked, inaccurate data on alleged deaths to create a sense of panic,  claiming kratom is dangerous – yet the FDA’s own adverse event database cannot prove these deaths were SOLELY caused by kratom.

But the FDA is not letting the truth get in their way on demonizing kratom, and they are committed to dramatically expanding their regulatory control over a natural and safe botanical that has been used responsibly by consumers for decades in the United States, and for centuries in Southeast Asia.

So, what can we do?

New Yorkers can voice their opinion, and let the State Assembly know you do not support this bill.

Tell them your story. Not sure where to start? Use the letter template below. However, when writing please use your own words.

We need YOUR help to stop bills like this from being passed, and fight the FDA and their negative info being released to the public.

​Letter Template:

Optional: My name is ________, I’m a __-year old _________ from _________

I would like to voice my support of Kratom and my disagreement with A231 that would prohibit the sale or distribution of kratom in New York. The FDA and their recent smear campaign has erroneously put kratom on the same level as illegal drugs like heroin. Kratom is a plant that is helping millions of people suffering chronic and acute mental and physical conditions. Kratom is also safely easing the nation’s opiate epidemic problem naturally. Research to date has shown kratom to be an effective painkiller that does not cause respiratory depression; the main cause of death from opiate overdose.

ADD YOUR OWN WORDS -How you came to use kratom….. (did you learn about it in a chronic pain support group, etc?)

-What ailments you suffer, what treatments haven’t worked (prescriptions, surgery, etc.), how long you’ve been dealing with your condition, how long you’ve been using kratom and how many/what medications you’ve been able to quit.

-What kratom means to you (has it given you your life back, have you gone back to work, can you play with your, exercise or travel, etc., something anecdotal about why kratom is important and should be available).


Kratom is a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs with important benefits for many issues and has changed my life. I fear if this bill is passed, it will only lead to more tragic deaths of victims of the opiate epidemic. I know that my own quality of life as a productive member of society will not be the same without kratom.

Thank you for your time and service to the state.


— Include your name, address and phone number.

​Please be professional and polite, keeping it as short as possible.

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